Game-Q is an Educational Gaming platform that sets a fun learning path of quantum computing, it tracks your progress and rewards your advancements. It consists of a collection of many freely available learning resources online, which are structured on a curricula. It features, at the end of each section of the curricula, pre-assembled quests and tests and interactive tiny games.

Technologies used

For web dev: Wix For games : Python- PyGame, Qiskit, For mockup: Aseprite For video: Snagit


1. making the video fit in 1 min 2. working within different time zones 3. coordinating work + life schedules


1. made a complete product in 48 hours 2. exciting website with 2 games 3. compiled information in one place 4. creating a product which has potential to address real and important needs in the quantum computing world


1. communication across the team and in 4 time zones 2. learned about quantum computing 3. learned quick decision-making 4. synchronizing with a diverse global team

Next steps

Bulletin board Featuring events and opportunities in quantum computing around the world. Recommendation Engine: In case extra material is needed it, it finds, categorizes and suggests new information from internet. Keywords search: To go directly to a subject without having to go through the whole learning path again.

One-minute video