Our app was born out of the idea that every day citizens needed to better equip themselves to deal with the injustices they face. JustX aims to be the tool that does just that. Last year when I attended the George Floyd protests in Washington DC, many of my friends were arrested while protesting and often got themselves into trouble, even though they did nothing wrong, because they weren't aware of their rights. With JustX, we aim to provide the platform that puts this knowledge in people's hands. When people can easily read their rights, they will be able to avoid wrongful persecution. Furthermore, JustX aims to be an actionable platform. If someone witnesses a crime of injustice (such as police brutality in the USA), they can send the video to a relevant institution (such as an NGO or local news agency) in order to investigate the claim. These videos can also be posted anonymously so as to avoid repercussions.

Technologies used

React app


Figuring out how to adapt the app to multiple regions/systems of injustice


Bringing together a team from multiple continents and succeeding in creating a product for the betterment of the world


We learned that virtual collaboration is a very effective method of coming together with other people in order to reach a common goal

Next steps

The next steps are to expand the app to include multiple things, the first of which is a section that allows people to share information about local protests, incidents, etc.