Feedback platform with public soft-skills profile We allow professionals to take feedback and retain them even after switching companies. Users also can track their soft-skills progress and also get a public summary profile. It’ll give a deeper look into an individual’s soft-skills than LinkedIn to recruiters. In future, we’ll also show soft-skills summary profiles of companies, giving a deeper look into a company's culture than Glassdoor.

Technologies used

Golang, AWS Lambda and SES, React, Graphql


Making sure every part of the project is correctly integrated and working as a complete application. Decision on the user interface and user experience flow.


Completing the project in its entirety within the timeframe and making sure the integrations work right.


Project building experience, Good design in data architecture for smooth dataflows and production ready performance

Next steps

Improved HR insights and company specific collective insights. Integration with skill assessment platform and courses to improve them.

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