“Think4Climate” is a helpful and informative website to spread the awareness on hazards Climate Change causes to the environment and the economies of the countries. It relates to the UN’s SDG program, it will be helpful for the different NGO’s works and it will create awareness among common people about the environment.

Through this website we are providing the information on Climate Changes of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 13.

Different blogs will make aware users about new innovative ideas of scientists and activists. We suggest actions that can be taken to achieve UN sustainable development goals by data visualization, tracking past datasets and using predictive analytics to give predictions on future climate change impacts using Machine Learning models. Online Shipping allows users to submit their online shipping orders (particularly Amazon) through a web interface, which groups packages together on common delivery dates to reduce the number of vehicles and back and forth routes to deliver packages. Users are able to track the carbon emissions they save by having their order as part of a particular shipment.

Also, there is a prototype of "Think4Climate" mobile app with more useful features. 

Potential for real-world application 

Potential viewer of the website can get chance of online shipping through which they can receive group delivery of ordered products together and reduce their carbon footprint which is caused by back and forth routes of vehicles.    
CO2 emission rates can be predict and visualized for different countries. 

This website is dedicated to the Earth’s betterment and we hope to see future generation have better life and flourish from our little works. 

Technologies used

Machine Learning model, Data Visualization using python libraries, UI/UX Design - Figma, FrondEnd - HTML, CSS, Owl Carasol, Java script, JQuery, React, Backend – Firebase


To do video editing with a large work load within stipulated time frame, faced some problem while deploying 


We successfully completed our respective part and integrated it in one project.

We developed a responsive website where we deployed online shipping system, made different content blogs on different topics related environment, green technology, new innovation ideas, green energies etc. 

Make a prototype for mobile application with some extra features where users can attend any climate action related events, get latest news on climate changes, can shop green products, can get contacts of different environmental activists, can see the effects of different factors through data visualization which is made by Machine Learning models. 


Team work, Time management, Climate related new knowledge, New technologies and more.

Next steps

Create a mobile app as we have shown in the prototype.