Equal Education Opportunities For All


As long as we talk about the equalities in opportunities between the people of a society, we talk about the equal opportunities in the field of education. Quality education is the basic right of every individual in a society. This is also in society’s best interest as it is a social waste if some children do not receive a good education. It means that human talents that could contribute to society are not nurtured. As we can see that in less developed countries there is a difference in the educational systems, it differs for the children of different classes, for example a child belonging to a poor or middle class family is studying in a low-performing schools with run-down facilities and often ineffective teachers has a different teaching environment than a child studying in a high ranking school. True equity means that differences in educational outcomes are not the result of differences in wealth, income, power or possessions. we should overcome this difference by introducing an educational system that is same for every child, this can help them to grow in a same educational environment. Everyone can play their vital roles in the national and global development.

Technologies used

Basically no technology was used in this project, because this was totally non-tech project idea. Although a website can be used to gather data of children.


No difficult things at all! because this is a topic that should be discussed with great interest and good knowledge about the basic human rights.


I am proud of addressing such a great idea about equity in educational opportunities for the children of different classes and races.


The idea that equal educational opportunity is a basic human right and everyone should have access to it.

Next steps

As my project is one of the SDGs of United Nations, I will try to work on this idea and wish that UN nations adopt this idea to provide a better educational system to their people.