Connected Learn (maybe a cooler name like CLearn, ConnLearn, etc.);



The project's idea consists of two parts:

--> 1) An operator of multiple choice questions. 

a) The user will be able to select questions of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, French, etc. by several criteria, such as: 
• difficulty level (which, for each question, will be registered in the database as an initial value, and then change every time a question is answered correctly or incorrectly by any user);
• general subject (Maths/Physics/...);
• specific subject (algebra/geometry/probabilities/...); and
• source of the question (International Physics Olympiad/ French Physics Olympiad/ an university's entrance exam/ SAT/...).
The student will be able to answer the questions, to see the correct answer, and (if it was wrong) to be provided a link to a related studying material (such as a wikipedia page or a coursera or youtube course).

b) Additionally, the user will be able to see statistical data from his or her past answers separated by difficulty level, general subject, specific subject, source of question; and also to view their evolution over time.

c) Furthermore, there will also be a "smart selection" feature, in which the app selects appropriate questions for the user based in his or her past answers (for example, to focus on the type of questions the user is the weakest, even if he or she does not know precisely what those are).

--> 2) A connection to other people or organizations in order to learn more.

The app will use data from the user to present him or her to other people or organizations. The used data consists of:
• GPS Location;
• Frequented university/school;
• Available weekdays and hours to study;
• Study objective;
• Data from answered questions;
• And maybe facebook connections.

The user will be presented to the following people or organizations that can help his or her learning:

a) Other students seeking to gather together to study a specific subject (for example, in a public library or school, etc; to study physics for a university's entrance exam or a Physics Olympiad, etc);

b) Private tutors. I.e. people teaching individual students or groups of 2-3 for around 2-4 hours a week. In Brazil, for example, university students charge around 15 euros per hour to teach other university or high school students. They are much cheaper than traditional private courses, but are often unable to find clients due to lack of contact with people needing them.

c) Private courses. This encompasses a series of private courses, from the traditional presence-based ones to the new web-based courses (such as those in youtube, coursera, or other websites).

Additionally, it is possible for private tutors and courses to have a rating in the app's database, and the students to be able to review and rate them after courses.


It is perfectly possible to create a start-up from the project. The application should be popularized by the "operator of multiple choice questions" part. This is specially true in developing countries, where there is no easy and organized access to questions and answers of universities' entrance exams (or where they are extremely expensive), and where people need more than the public education to prepare themselves for university. For the monetization, it is feasible to charge a small amount of money from private tutors (like 20 euros) for each student they have their contact given to. Furthermore, it is also feasible to charge private present-based and online courses for everytime a student is showed a link to the course's website. All of this would require marketing and talking to private courses. It would be a big part of the start-up's work and would not be necessarily done by a student with a technical background.

Weekend Goals

Fully implement the features described in the Description. Of course private tutors and courses will be created in the database as dull examples. The team should be divided into two parallel-working task forces during some part of the coding, and the ideas are pretty straightforward, so the project can be fully implemented on time.

Skills being sought

Experience with the following is preferred:
• PHP, 
• SQL, 
• Javascript, 
• CSS, 
• App or website development.

People without this knowledge can still be integrated into the team if they promise to REALLY study those languages until the webfest starts!