Finding Feynman


Finding Feynman is an educational puzzle game with the aim of introducing the user to Feynman Diagrams and the Standard Model. 

Level by level the player encounters electrons, positrons, quarks and the other fermions with their respective interactions. In the individual levels the user is asked to either complete or create Feynman diagrams with particular initial or final states, being able to progress to more complex problems over the course of the game. 

The web app, which will also be optimised for the use on a mobile device, will be implemented using JavaScript. In particular, the aim is to: 
- Create an intuitive and efficient user interface
- Allow the user to choose particles and move them around to create the Feynman diagrams that are required to complete a level 
- Construct  a reliable tool for checking if the constructed diagram is correct 
- Provide comprehensible explanations on the physical background of the diagrams 
- Embed the physics into an entertaining backstory

Weekend Goals

After the Webfest we want to have a fully functioning first version of the game, with around 15 levels, covering all of the basic fundamental particles and interactions.

Skills being sought

- JavaScript
- Knowledge of the Standard Model and Feynman Diagrams
- Experience in outreach or teaching in physics
- UI design


Experience with any of the topics described in “Skills Being Sought”. 

Tom Hodson,