Weather Pattern visualisation

Data Visualisation

Climate change is an undeniable aspect of our existence, and it is having an impact on us now and in the future. Each year, land and ocean temperatures rise, and heat waves become more intense. Many wildfires have recently erupted in Greece, Southern Turkey, and other European nations as a result of the dry weather and droughts. Not long ago, Australia and California were also ravaged by catastrophic wildfires. We may not be able to totally stop global warming or prevent wildfires, but we can slow the spread of fires, reduce reaction times, reduce building and infrastructure damage, and, most importantly, prevent animal and human deaths. As a result, we suggest an app that can serve as a solution to the problem.

The Main Objective: The app will provide information about the various climatic changes like wildfire so that people can know about it. The app will also include protective measures and contact information so that people can contact and get help. We are also planning to do further updates in terms of functionality so that it can help everyone even 1%.

Weekend Goals
  • Prototyping of the app
  • Working on the design of the app
  • Collecting important data related to project
Skills being sought
  • Basic knowledge of React
  • Basic knowledge of APIs
References and background material

Geo-spatial Data visualization [1]

Deep learning [2]

Machine learning [3]

Google Maps API [4]

Nasa API [5]

Any framework and programming language to build the app (most probably React) [6]