Antimatter Application for CrowdCrafting

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Create a CrowdCrafting application that will help to analyze a sample where the annihilations are supposed to be.

The sample is the new gel poured on glass plate covered by a gas barrier film, and the annihilations are supposed to be at the surface of gas barrier film. This sample is so far not analyzed by us, so we do not fully ensure what can be extracted.

The data set is a collection of images (1240 x 1024 pixels) grabbed by a CMOS camera during a run of emulsion film scanning. For a given horizontal (X,Y) position, a tomographic scanning along the vertical (Z) axis is performed. Data are grouped in "views", each of them corresponding to a fixed X,Y position and containing 40 images taken at different depths. The data taking is organized in this way: the microscope horizontal stages moves to a X,Y position and stops there, the vertical stage moves along Z and the camera grabs the tomographic images, then the horizontal stage moves to next view and so on.

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Daniel Lombraña: @teleyinex