Easyflow: Simple Workflow Management & Visualization Tool

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In our daily work, every small task we perform is usually part of a larger workflow that aims to complete a larger task. Everyday work at CERN is no different, from physics experiments, to engineering installations, to software development and deployment, to scientific publishing. Some of these workflows might be simple and completed by one person in the course of a day while others might be more complicated, involving several steps, implicating various people that perform different tasks, requiring a longer amount of time to be completed. It is interesting and useful for people, either in the workflow or outside observers, to have an overview of the entire workflow and its progress. Individual notes, TODO lists and Excel sheets do not offer an adequate and general enough infrastructure to achieve that.

This project aims to create a Web Application that allows its users to manage and visualize their complicated workflows. Simple web interfaces will be provided to define and create new workflows, their steps and their details. User friendly web interfaces will then allow people to visualize these workflows and keep track of their progress.

Goals of the project


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Nikos Kasioumis: nikos.kasioumis@cern.ch
Harris Tzovanakis: charalampos.tzovanakis@cern.ch