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CERN deals with bleeding edge of science. It is so advanced some people can hardly dream on touching it or even coming close. And it was so for many years. People were starving to find an environment that could be rich, expressive enough to embed all kinds of artifacts (dataframes, equations, figures, images, schemes or diagrams) found during those researches. And simple and elegant at the same time so each person could understand, explore and repeat the same result?

  • Wouldn't it be helpful if the same materials could serve as publication & presentation background converted automatically?
  • Wouldn't it be fun if you could share your research within a single link on your facebook page?
  • Wouldn't it be rewarding if you could share your results with anyone?
  • Wouldn't it be awesome if you could enrich this media on your own by plugging in different scientific tools already available in the air?

I'm not a big dreamer anyway.

Let's prove that the answer to these questions is positive!

And yes, it's not that difficult to achieve nowadays if you can code in python.

There are enough ingredients to mix:

Goals of the project


Skills being sought

References and background material



Andrey Ustyuzhanin: / @anaderiru /