CitiCERN: Urban Solutions for People

A platform that crowd-sources data for scientific research

Post-COVID19 life will require to establish more livable and resilient cities. Cities in harmony with nature. That's our daily passion and motivation.

CitiCERN app is a platform designed to help Research Centers in solving urban challenges of today and tomorrow.

Thanks to a gamified experience we can connect users with Research Centers, based in micro-activities according to their profile,  users  help science in areas as:

  • Alliances & Education;
  • Mobility;
  • Ecology;
  • Biological Security.
Technologies used

Javascript, Invision, Keynote.


- Communicating with teammates in different time zones;
- Trusting in teammates.


We have created a prototype of the app in the framework of design thinking.


- Present User Experience using Powerpoint slides;
- Public speaking;
- Time Management;
- Prototyping;
- Project Management.

Next steps

- Deploy the app in production environment;
- Deploy AI to recommend challenges to users;
- Test it in real cities.

One-minute video