Online science hands-on

Inspiring the youth during the pandemic

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, many schools are closed or have no access to visits at institutes, especially to CERN. Still, we want to make particle physics a thing that can be explored wherever you are!

We have compiled a list of experiments suitable for children aged 8-15. You can do those experiments at home as they can be done with common household items! If you are a teacher and you are looking for some fun activity for your class, we offer the possibility to book a guided session together with one of our scientists.

 We wish you a lot of fun exploring the world of particle physics! 

Technologies used
  • Web-development (html, css, javascript);
  • Davinci Resolve;
  • Discord;
  • Mattermost;
  • Google Drive;
  • Seafile.

Not knowing what exactly was expected from us.

  • Developing a website with very little knowledge of web-development;
  • Finishing on time.
  • Collaborations online are very different from physical collaborations;
  • Create a list of tasks that need to be done at the beginning with "deadlines".
Next steps
  • Implement more experiments;
  • Develop the website professionally and expand it e.g. by adding a search bar to search for projects by age, time, etc;
  • Add multilanguage support.
One-minute video