iHelp! Acceleration

One who can help you, is you, yourself! Give and Receive.

iHelp! Acceleration is a bit abstract concept, It can be used by all the age groups from a kid to a PhD. It's about making a community of "iHelp"  in any sense. 
It provides you with forums to discuss your doubts and ask questions, If can't open yourself then there is wisdom tree with whom you can talk. It also has games which can help you to make yourself a better person.

Technologies used

We used "wix.com" to make the basic website. Further we used "Scratch" build the game about helping yourself. 

  • Most difficult thing was the starting point,... After that most of things went smoothly;
  • Trying new things is always hard! but, from this is where you really learn;
  • Coding issues also came, but with a lot of effort we accomplished our goals! and more...

The idea behind the game is one the accomplishment we are proud of. This was our first time participation for a hackathon so completing it, itself was a big accomplishment!


First: How to accomplish our targets for anything(literally-anything);
Second: How to have practical thinking;
Third: A lot of website/game skills a didn't have 2 days ago. We really learned a lot.

Next steps

We will try to develop the project further, if possible;
And try to reach as much people as we can. This website is really helpful;
Also we will try to develop it into an app for cellphones, so it is as reachable as your hand. 

One-minute video