Creating Collaborations

Coeus is a web-based application whose intent is to allow individuals to search for professionals in academia who are conducting specific research. The goal is to form connections between individuals in academia, and allow individuals to further their collaboration on a global scale.

Technologies used
  • Neural Networks;
  • Github;
  • SQL;
  • HTML;
  • Python;
  • Javascript;
  • CSS.

Time constraints, how to intelligently approach data mining, different time differences between team members.


Neural Network identifies a professor's name out of a professor's page, running automated google scholar queries, successful organization of data through SQL search queries, user-friendly interface.


People are more productive when we're all working on different parts of the code and compiling our results together. We appreciate how we were able to leverage the diversity of our team members to our advantage even though it was difficult, as we were able to take advantage of time-zones to allocate different aspects of our project to different team members.

Next steps

Factoring automatic triggering of html to sql data, and finalizing a script to output the results to the user in the same browser. Embedding the HTML form into the new netlify site. Essentially connecting the different components of our pipeline together. 

One-minute video