ECG digitalizer for patients with Covid-19 symptoms

ECG digitalizer for patients with Covid-19 symptoms

it has been observed just recently, that some drugs which are given to the patients with Covid-19 symptoms, cause some really vital damages on the cardiac system. on the other hand, the lungs of these patients are already damaged by the virus, so less blood, with less oxygen, will be pumped through the body. This negative feedback can cause very serious problems, in a way that some of the patients are dying just because of this damage to the cardiac system rather than the virus itself.

So a comprehensive database of the ECG of these patients is needed. ئo that the researchers could diagnose the problem thoroughly. The only problem is that most of the ECG devices in public hospitals has an analog output that gets printed on paper. So a tool is needed which can digitalize signals on the ECG papers. by using this tool, anyone can upload the ECG of a patient diagnosed to have Coivd-19. In this way, a comprehensive data set can be gathered in a short time. So researchers can put their focus on the subject to find the reason behind that vital effect. 

Technologies used

our algorithms for segmentation and digitalization are written in python scripts. In these scripts, we have used OpenCV for image processing.
We also have used WordPress for web development.


Segmentation part was the most difficult thing we faced. because we had to find the different signals on an image.


We are very proud of the final result of our algorithm. we did not expect such high-quality output.


Lots of things. Here are the obvious ones that were common between all of the team members:

  • Open CV in more details;
  • practical group work on Github;
  • The jargons that are used in ECG;
  • practical web development;
  • how to prototype an Idea very fast!
Next steps

There is almost nothing left. We only need to buy a top-level domain name and a reliable host to bring our website on the internet so that everybody can access (right now our host is a RaspberryPi on Ali's local network!)
The other thing that we need to do is embedding the application in our website. we may need to write some PHP code that can run the python scripts on the server-side.

One-minute video