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Bringing coders together

Hobbyist programming is often a lonesome endeavour since it can be quite hard to find suitable people to work with and learn from. Introducing our solution: a web application that makes it easy to find partners to collaborate with via a matchmaking site designed specifically for programmers.

Technologies used

Ruby with Ruby on Rails, Javascript with JQuery and HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.

  • Allowing messages to be sent via a pop-up window as opposed to a separate page was very challenging to do;
  • As new developers taking part in our first hackathon, the time pressure was difficult;
  • Most of us were new to web development and found learning and using multiple languages in a single application to be a challenge e.g. tasks like sending a post request in a Javascript file to a rails controller which then in turn renders a HTML template.
  • Successfully implemented accounts, conversations, messaging and projects;
  • Happy with the look of our main pages;
  • Used JQuery to allow conversation windows to pop up and send messages.
  • Ruby with Ruby on Rails, Javascript with JQuery and HTML, CSS and Bootstrap;
  • Web development concepts;
  • Developed very good teamwork skills e.g. divvying out tasks;
  • Time management.
Next steps

 - Allow image uploads for accounts and projects using Active Storage; 
 - Allow users to send markdown and MathJax in messages;
 - Make viewing projects a popup on the browse page as opposed to having it on a separate page;
 - Have multiple choice fields for the account sign up;
 - Clean up design to make the site more user-friendly;
 - Clean up and optimise existing code;
 - Ensure users cannot edit resources they should not have access to;
 - Integrate login with Github.

One-minute video