Machine Learning: the beauty of it

An interactive, didactive short duration game that strives to spread generic knowledge for Machine Learning. ​

The idea behind this topic is to build a 2-3 mins interactive and dynamic game to be showcased in the exhibitions part of the new building Science Gateway at CERN, in Geneva. I was motivated by this challenge because it will take place close to my workplace and I was exicited to think about people interacting with the game. By means of clicking on different images, buttons and answering the questions the visitor would gather the Machine Learning knowledge we would like to provide. To do this we designed a character (Mr. apprentice) who will guide you thorughout the game.

Technologies used

Python (Arcade library).


Being practically alone for the whole weekend in the team did not help for a lovely experience throughout the weekend. I had to deal with everything: cutting images, doing the schematics, sending emailsm informing myself about all the details of the hackathon, ensuring deadlines etc.


I'm really proud of myself because I tackled this project entirely on my own: communicating with people, arranging meetings with mentors, collaborating in every event of the Hackathon, learning libraries for Python, getting used to time management.. :))


I learned how to create 2D games with Python! I learned the insights of a CERN Webfest and the way a Hackathon is brought to live.

Next steps

The mentor of the initiative and I might have some conversations in the near future since the Science Gateway project will be finished by 2022 and they want to showcase Machine Learning in some way. I am open to participate, but don't know in which degree.

One-minute video