9 Quantum's Morris

More research and experimenting than coding! ​

Play 9 Man's Morris against the QUANTUM AGENT!

We researched possibilities to get an computer driven opponent for 9 Man's Morris.

Machine learning including quantum computing layers seems viable but needs better training accuracy.

Currently you are able to play against a Quantum Agent, getting the moves from a real quantum computer. We modeled an Ising-Model for the game, which the Quantum-Agent tries to solve in order to calculate the best move.

Technologies used
  • Model the problem for a quantum computer and let it solve it;
  • Trying Hybrid Quantum/Classical Neural Network.
  • Understanding the work from last year and link it all together. We had to salvage quite a lot and re-implement into our own code. However we were able to improve it;
  • Understanding how to model problems for Quantum Computing;
  • Finding Morris?!

Phase 1 and Phase 2 is now fully playable, even if the opponent does not always make the smartest moves.


We learned a lot about how Quantum Computing works and how to model problems for quantum computers.

Next steps

Get the Quantum Agent working for Phase 2 and 3.
Improve the Quantum Agent for Phase 1.

Try to improve the results of the neural network using a quantum layer. The current accuracy is not as good as with a common approach. But we are sure it can be improved.

One-minute video