Learning happens best when content is personalized to meet our needs and strengths. For this reason we created SYNTHIA 🤖, the AI system to accelerate and design your knowledge 🚀 Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques like text summarization, automatic paraphrasing, and different text metrics can be leveraged to drive a new and modern education era. It's time to change the learning process.

Technologies used

We used 100% open source technologies like Python, Streamlit and Github


The coordination between different time zones was a challenge, but we managed to work based on predefined objectives and deliverables. We used Veertly to meet and discuss the project, as well as Mattermost to keep a constant communication.


We brainstormed ideas way beyond the original scope of the project, and we actually developed and deployed new functionalities during the hackaton like "Speech to Text" and "Text to QR Code", with special focus on people with disabilities and trouble accesing Internet.


We learned that sharing ideas means expanding them, and working together with people from different backgrounds brings a whole new set of resources to solve problems in a better way.

Next steps

We're planning to continue adding functionalities to our system, and develop a way a to deploy it at scale. We personally come from developing countries, and we experience from first-hand the challenges people have to access technologies. For this reason we're aiming at extending functionalities (e.g. text style transfer), and allow the combination of different functionalities (e.g. simplify, summarize and then translate).