Give me 3 layers and I will describe the world!


This project aims to depict the possibility of correlation between different phenomena by using the SDG indicators and creating a graph overlay over a map. By making use of different characteristics of the type of graph chosen, we can represent multiple layers of information in a compressed way, which is easy to understand and visualize, especially compared to the raw data that was the source of the project.

Technologies used

Matlab, Excel and Python.


The data format was sometimes inaccurate and with information missing. Also, the graph overlay solutions and tools that we discovered were sometimes too complex or excessively dependant on specific data formats.


We managed to have a graph overlay in time and after a lot of brainstorming we came up with a representation which we think is intuitive for users, as well as aesthetically pleasing.


Different concepts about data visualization, the different metrics and indicators of SDG goals and how to quickly create a prototype and work with a completely new team of people from all around the world.

Next steps

We would like to include a dashboard that allows user interaction, as well as implement the project in a different technology that works in the web and mobile devices, perhaps allowing the user to choose between more data options.