Particle Silo


Well-made science communication content are scattered through the web. If one wants to prepare for a presentation, either for outreach and even for writing a scientific article for whatever level, it takes time to go through the internet to look for the best sources for us to find "the right words", "the right images" or the right video to explain a concept with a sense of satisfaction and clarity in the end. The "Particle Silo" project aims to facilitate this process by providing an agile, personalizable, and shareable content aggregator that is intuitive to use for science communicators and learners across different levels.

Technologies used

React JS, Nest JS and previously FIGMA (prior to the Webfest)


Limited skills in Javascript as most of our members are more Python-literate


Adding some more functionality to the Topics Aggregator, Visuals Slide Deck and setting up the Log-in and Database


Working in parallel with people while having fun :) And seeing how things converge. We've also learned of our personal and collective technical limitations

Next steps

We want to recruit some more people or open-up the contributions to build this app. We also want to see if scicomm folks at CERN are interested in using this project to see if we need to pivot or persevere.

One-minute video