CitiCERN: Urban Solutions for People.

Good health and well-being

Post-COVID19 life will require to establish more livable and resilient cities. Cities in harmony with nature. That's our daily passion and motivation.

As a young STEM group we aim to facilitate all people access to better quality of life. Currently we are boosting a Business and Innovation Ecosystem in Latin America, with the goal of revitalizing the city. A paradox is that Research & Development is very good, but there are many solutions "waiting" to materialize in the day-to-day of people, so Technology Transfer needs more tools and frameworks to reach the final user.

That's why we start today with this project, we call it:  "CitiCERN - Urban Solutions". A digital platform which links the gap between communities and local Research Centres who want to catalyze their good impact in society.

We are grateful about this opportunity. We trust in mutual collaboration between citizens and key stakeholders in Academy, Industry, Government and non-profit organizations.

Goals of the project

1. To study a local case of application.
2. To design the digital platform.
3. To test and improve the digital platform.
4. To deliver the minimal viable product and results.

Skills being sought

1. Technology Transfer.
2. Institutional Affairs.
3. Citizen Science.
4. Web Platforms.

References and background material

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Alex Romero, Physics Student.
Berenice Espinoza, Chemical Engineering Student.