A CoLab

Peace, justice and strong institutions

CoLab is an idea that envisions a world of new age social learning by creating a community, a platform where Summer Students from interdisciplinary backgrounds can meet to provide an insightful learning experience through peer interactions, collaborations and innovation. Let’s encourage collaboration of students from multiple backgrounds to come together and learn through knowledge sharing. Amongst nearly 350 summer students, isn’t it a good idea to learn from someone who has already worked on a similar analytics project as yours?

Webinars Group Discussions Articles Debates Meetups And so on, summer students and alumni come forward and organize anything they want!

Goals of the project

Can we make a platform for the community? How would it help? An App, a website or just a social media community group? How would it look like?

Skills being sought

Nothing specifically

References and background material

Let's start fresh!

Shaunak Sirodaria (shaunak.sirodaria@live.com)