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Last year at CERN’s Webfest 2020, DatourX demonstrated a solution that can prevent and cure depression with AI & ML. As the implementation of our idea was sensitive and expensive, this year we came up with a better project that can spark a revolution in the entire education system. The core part of our project is: DatourX Dn1G will be free-for-all and sustainable in some very unique principles!

Let’s start with an important question. What are some big problems in our education system? Anyone will say that the Coronavirus pandemic itself is the biggest problem right now. The entire education circuit of the world is practically running on the internet. As a result, learning became difficult for millions of students with various circumstances. We have to also keep in mind that not every student on planet earth has equal opportunities in learning. On top of everything, most of the education system forces students into the same-size-for-all method; while it is proven that each student is different and requires different educational guidelines with tailored feedbacks or opportunities.

Though learning has become difficult for millions of students and we have ineffective education systems all around the world, we have a solution too! Thanks to the web born at CERN, There are thousands of internet based platforms that provide quality education for free (and often with a certification)! We can name popular online course sites or helpful YouTube channels to Facebook communities that can be super helpful for a student.

There are tons of free resources, courses, groups, books, videos, podcasts and tutorials that can be just perfect for an individual. BUT THERE IS NO SINGLE DIRECTORY for this vast amount of useful information that a student can use. It is also very possible that a student will never get to know about these resources and opportunities, which is a very big untapped unseen problem.

Imagine a website (and an app) that practically is your guide towards internet based remote education. DatourX will make a website that will LIST and SHOWCASE - every free and useful educational resource available for the public.

Again many students don’t know how to look for courses and how to complete them. Maybe there is a great free eBook on physics that might help you, an upcoming competition where you can participate, a great YouTube channel that explains science with awesome animation - we will section everything available for the enthusiast learners. In a nutshell, our team and community will help students look for resources and create manuals on assessing them.

Possibly, this is going to create a huge impact in digital learning. Now the final question: what does DatourX Dn1G mean? DatourX is our team name and Dn1G literally stands for “The Number One Giant”!

CERN Webfest 2021, It’s party time.


Weekend Goals

1. Writing 5 articles on available Free educational resources and publishing them in our Medium blog.

2. Launch our web app's blueprint.

3. Taking feedback from fellow webfest hackers.

4.  Recruiting volunteers from different countries for the Dn1G project. We have to write contents in at least 7 major languages of the world!

5.  Launching a Facebook community, a subreddit, our Twitter handle etc. to communicate with students around the world.

Skills being sought

1. Writing .

2. Video editing.

3. Web developing.

4. Database management.

5. Social media content marketing.

References and background material

Visit the United Nation's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to understand the urgency of our project https://sdg4education2030.org/the-goal  [1]

Ashraful Alam Khan {asrafulalampranto@gmail.com}
Badhan Biswas {badhan.bkb@gmail.com}
Ryan Shafin {mirshafin636@gmail.com}
Yusuf Hasan Aditta {yusufhasanaditta@gmail.com}
Rizvi Ahmed {rizviahmed040@gmail.com}