DatourX: Fighting Depression with advanced AI and ML

Communicating Science

Depression is unarguably a serious threat for modern civilization. According to WHO; approximately 800 000 people die due to suicide every year. Recently the Covid outbreak triggered worrisome mental health crisis all over the world. If this continues, the post Covid world is going to be an absolute nightmare for most of us. We should also remember that, depression can lead to disability, panic attack, poor mental growth of kids, drop of sells and rise of crime rate.

Our team datourX, investigated on the fundamentals of depression and it is quite shocking how digital platforms like Facebook, Google, Amazon subconsciously make a large number users depressed by default [1]. The Algorithms of Google or Facebook are simply not smart enough to crack individuals true condition and preferences to propose the best feed, news or ad which is beneficial for the users [2]. This is possible to do with advanced technology of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning [3],[4].

But the billion dollar question is, "who owns the data, which will be used by the AI and deep learning Algorithms?" DatourX dreams to figure out this questions and change the world forever, in a meaningful way.

DatourX is a new tech start-up, initiated by two teenagers from Bangladesh. Our main aim is to help people fight social problems like depression beyond the borders with the magical help of modern technology.

Weekend Goals

1. We want to know your thoughts on our project.
2. Our goal is to attract specialized and interested individuals who can assist or guide us, through out the project.
3. We want to ensure whether it is ethical, in terms of using AI and deep ML to decode Human Emotions (As this will have huge impact on modern business and financial sectors).
4. Getting answers from professional people regarding some critical monetary and security issues.

Skills being sought

1. Analytical knowledge in AI, ML, Big data.
2. Expertise in Human psychology.
3. Research
4. App development

References and background material