A discrete tool that saves lives

Good health and well-being

The COVID-19 crisis generated an unprecedented rise in domestic violence, traumatic experiences for children, depression and fatal loneliness for elderly people. The fact is that these people are too scared or don't have the strength to reach the phone and call for help.

Telephone companies offer a number for "emergency call". In the above scenarii the victim has no time or right to place an emergency call or even send a SMS.

The idea is to investigate network technologies that would allow a police or ambulance call via a discrete button that would look like a "jewel", an ear-ring or a necklace, something the person can always wear, e.g. without raising suspicions from a violent partner.

Such a development will remain useful when the current crisis is over.

Weekend Goals

Identify the network technology that would send an alarm signal to an official authority at several kilometres' distance. Make a prototype of such a button/jewel and test it.

Skills being sought

Hardware and software programming and network technologies.