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Collaboration is the essence of scientific progress. However, sharing equipment for experimental research has always been a challenge. Most of the equipment is confined in laboratories and it's accessible only by few researchers that have to be in its proximity. This precludes a vast number of competent scientists to test their hypothesis and perform experiments. Moreover, as the recent pandemic has shown us, physical presence at laboratories cannot be guarantied at all times. In order to make experimental equipment more accessible and user friendly and to foster collaboration among experimental researchers we are developing a platform for sharing/renting access to experimental equipment.

Our product has two main components: 1) a science network portal where researchers advertise, seek and search experimental equipment, 2) support for integrating any hardware into our platform. The science network portal will connect researchers that work on similar projects. They will be able to find colleges from all over the world and share access to their equipment. The sharing will be incentivized by either collaboration agreements or rent, all of which will be doable on our platform. The integration of experimental equipment into our platform will be done with the support of our experienced developers.

The resulting platform will enable researchers to remotely access their own equipment and to share it with other scientists. This will create a culture of sharing, collaboration and it will accelerate the progress of science.

Goals of the project

Milestones of the project:
- Set up a hosting service for our platform.
- Develop the Main Page and several sub-pages.
- Establish a database of users and equipment.
- Integrate an API for existing hardware as a demo.
- Open the platform for Sign Up-s.

Skills being sought

The instrumental skills needed for this project are:
- Front and Back end development.
- Database handling.
- IoT devices.
- Networking.
- Data Analysis.

References and background material

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