Neutron Robotics

neutron robotics
Quality education

Neutron Robotic is a web platform that aims to enhance education, science, and
technology in the field of robotics. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of practical
functionalities for integrating, supervising, and controlling robots efficiently by providing
real-time control, advanced data analysis and visualization, collaborative capabilities, edge
computing, and a secure interface. Neutron Robotic aims to accelerate the progress of
robotic projects and enable non-programmers to easily get started with their projects

Goals of the project

The primary goal of this project is to empower educators, students, and
researchers with a versatile and user-friendly platform that facilitates immersive and
hands-on learning experiences in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and
mathematics. By providing an accessible interface to control robots in real-time, leveraging
edge computing and analyze their data comprehensively, the project seeks to foster a
deeper understanding of robotics concepts and practical applications.

Skills being sought

React, Typescript, Rust, Python, MongoDb, Docker

References and background material

The approach taken is founded on research and iteration, referencing a paper published a year ago that provides insights into the project