Next Generation Learning Management System

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Due to pandemic online education is gaining lot of importance. Most of the educational institutions are exploring  various tools and platforms to deliver lectures. Each of these platforms  have their own advantages and disadvantages. The major issues with these platforms include effective lecture delivery, students engagement, and assessment of activities. Also there are growing concerns with respect to the effect of digital platforms on the mental health of students especially school children.  There is a need to develop a new platform / or modify existing systems which address above mentioned issues.

Weekend Goals

Two possible solutions:
1. Use Learning management systems like Moodle and plugins like BigBlueButton and forums. Develop and integrate new plugins which extends the functionality of Moodle. The proposed plugins must satisfy the requirements specified in
the problem definition.
2. Develop a system from scratch which address the issues mentioned in the problem definition.

The solution must include the following:
1. Learning Management System (LMS).
2.  Functionalities to engage the learner.
3. Online cheat-proof assessment.
4. The system should be scalable.

Skills being sought

Develop web based solution (For admins, teachers and students). Mobile application can be developed for client side (student side).

References and background material

Please explore Moodle, BigBlueButton, Discourse, and other platforms. Also explore Moodle plugins. If you are planning to build an application on Moodle  or other LMS then the knowledge of developing and integrating plugin into the chosen LMS will be useful.

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