Online science show

Quality education

Is it possible to reproduce the magic and the educational potential of a science show, online?

Criterias for an online science show:

  • Experiment: “Waw Effect” despite the video format.
  • Content:  

           - Educational interest (related to CERN physics / science / laboratory).
           - Accessible to kids 8 y/o and up.

  • Interaction:

           -  Between speaker and participants.
           -  Participation of the audience to the show.

  • Safety
  • Location: Speaker can be in a showroom with quite a lot of material, or at home (ideas for both configurations are welcome, although the second one would be very useful).
  • Language: Easily translatable from one language to another.
  • Speakers:

           - Speakers are scientists, researchers or else, not professional comedians
           - Speakers are usually volunteers so the training / preparation for becoming speaker for the show should be light.

Weekend Goals
  • Title, storyline and experiments for an online science show matching the criteria above.
  • Create a demo version.
  • Format the content so that it is easily accessible to volunteers who wish to train to give the show (SharePoint, video, PowerPoint or else).
Skills being sought
  • Education
  • Video
  • Research
  • Experiments
  • Outreach
  • Comedy / theatre / storytelling
  • Safety
  • IT
References and background material

If the current COVID-19 crisis was to last longer, we need to be able to offer a content for CERN’s outreach activities that can adapt to social distancing and potentially home schooling.

Example of the "Fun with physics" CERN science show: [1]. As you can see, it is not that "fun" when watched through a static video.

[2] Image: