Quality education

"SciFeed" is an online platform catering to students and STEM enthusiasts
interested in exploring various science topics related to CERN. It offers a diverse range of
resources, including inspiring content on career paths, various documents, introductory
lectures, and simplified versions of research papers using existing Natural Language
Processing (NLP) tools. The platform aims to foster curiosity and facilitate accessible
learning about the captivating world of CERN-related sciences, providing an inclusive and
engaging environment for users to expand their knowledge and understanding of scientific

Goals of the project

The primary goal of this project is to develop a user-friendly platform that is targeted to students interested in science topics related to CERN. The platform aims to inspire curiosity and engagement by providing a curated selection of content, allowing
students to explore different detailed subjects without feeling overwhelmed by an abundance of information.

Skills being sought

Software development, web development, creative

References and background material