Sonificating Root for blind scientists


We all wish to  understand and appreciate the beauty of the law of Physics, of the subtle interactions between fermions and the magnificent ripples of gravity through the space-time, and we all gain access to these secrets of nature through our sight, by seeing a tiny bump on a histogram or by looking at the pulses of a ligh curve. 

But for scientists like Wanda Diaz Merced, who lost her sight at the prime of her career, this lack of visual information is disastrous since visualizing data is crucial if he/she wants get a global sense, a scientific intuition from the huge amount of data. By sonificating, that is to turn the numbers not to the length on a graph, but the tone of a sound, we can propagate the intricacy and glamor of physics to a much larger group of curious individuals. 

Because in the end, science should be for everyone.

Weekend Goals

Incorperate a system of sonification into Root to make the fine details and the global shape of the histogram audible. Further improvement can be discussed.

Skills being sought

Programming skills

Aritstic skills are also sought for, since I don't want the histograms to become a burst of squeaky noise.



Programming skills