Template Code of conduct for online events

Good health and well-being

Online events are a different beast to in-person meetings.  People can be physically located anywhere with very different personal contexts. The normal social clues that we take for granted can be easily missed when using chat messaging or even video calls. Or in a more extreme example attendees can in principle hide or alter their online identity. For any event, a Code of Conduct provides a baseline for how people can expect to be treated by others and helps reinforce nurturing conditions for people to collaborate. They also offer organisers a clearly defined route to respond should inappropriate behaviour happen.  Can we prepare a simple templated code of conduct for online events, that considers the differences and challenges of bringing an event online?

Goals of the project

Collect and review codes of conducts for various in-person and online events;
what are the key points to cover?
A draft templated Code of Conduct for an online event

Stretch goal:  A simple github repo with the templated code of conduct under a CC-BY license

Skills being sought
  • Knowledge of online events and good etiquette for web-based communication (video conferencing, instant messaging, etc).
  • Writing skills to put together a draft text. Possibly simple static web page development (e.g. Markdown, github pages, etc).
References and background material

- Here is  a solid high-level overview of how and why to put together a CoC:
  https://www.asaecenter.org/resources/articles/an_plus/2019/october/why-… [1]
- Here is an template CoC for in-person events: 
https://confcodeofconduct.com/ [2] and see its github repo for interesting    points in the issues and pull requests: https://github.com/confcodeofconduct/confcodeofconduct.com [3]
- Here is another example primarily intended for in-person hackathons: 
https://hackcodeofconduct.org/ [4]
- And one more example: 
https://geekfeminism.wikia.org/wiki/Conference_anti-harassment/Policy [5]

Ben Krikler