Data Visualisation

Have you ever opened up code that you wrote 6 months ago and wonder what in the world is going on? We have! We are committed to building a tool that allows easy visualization of how data is created and used in code for common objects. Visualizing how data is selected from arrays and objects and how it is propagated through functions is a key to understanding how programs new and old work and will greatly decrease the amount of time needed to understand exactly what is being done on your machine!

Weekend Goals

- Build a service that allows for visualizations of common python objects like lists, arrays, libraries etc. and how to visualize common operations like addition and complex ones like Fourier transforms or bestfitting.
- Build a front end UI to either be put onto a website or for download that allows code to by cut and pasted in for visualization.
- Think of creative applications of a data flow visualizer in the context of working from home and communication through clients like zoom or mattermost.

Skills being sought
  • Python
  • JS
References and background material