Next Generation Learning Management System

Educating the future with the future

Our project focuses on building a scalable Learning Management System, that fills the gap in the present systems. The world situation has quickly evolved to make remote learning a necessity, rather than a luxury. Some of the key features our LMS provides is:
1. Videoconferencing tool for students and teachers to interact and engage lectures;
2. Tailored quizzes with assessments;
3. Feedback system;
4.  Virtual laboratories;
5. Configurable and intuitive reports for instructors.

To further elaborate on the fourth feature, virtual labs are a very essential part of distance learning, helping students to gain hands-on knowledge without physically 
 being present in a laboratory. Our LMS provides programming labs and also labs for other subjects which can include simulations and guided videos. 

Technologies used

1. Moodle LMS;
2. Moodle plugins.


Getting familiar with a technology we have not worked with before over a weekend was a fair challenge. Also debugging small issues that evaded you, yet were essential for the system to function properly was something that racked our brains, and a challenge we learnt to tackle. 


Being able to have developed a working prototype over the weekend was a great experience, and something we are happy about. Also, using our skills to build something that can make a difference and help society was a rewarding experience. It reminds us of the power we, as developers, have in our hands to become instruments of change.


Quite in line with the hackathon's theme this year, we did not only develop a prototype that helps accelerate remote collaboration, but we ourselves learnt firsthand the power of working together apart. This can be the future, and it was a valuable experience. We also learnt to step outside of our comfort zone and work with new technologies (Moodle LMS), learning and developing at the same time. Another important thing we learnt is presenting our work in a succinct yet intuitive manner. 

Next steps

We hope to be able further develop this project and add more features, and if all goes well, bring it to production. 

One-minute video