Fighting Depression with advanced AI and ML

DatourX is a new tech start-up, initiated by two teenagers from Bangladesh. Our main aim is to help people fight social problems like depression beyond the borders with the magical help of modern technology.
We dream of developing a system, that will work hand in hand with tech giants like (Google-Facebook-Twitter) to create a comfortable environment for you, where you will get a chance to know, feel and understand better. 

We are planning to develop an app, which if installed in your device will work silently but surely. 
We will contact psychologist, mental health care organisations and different skilled individuals, who will make a huge information database of educative and inspirational contents like music, books, movies, events, talks, arts, information, quotes etc.   
We will also try to filter contents that can cause mental harm or ignite irrelevant uncomfortable situations for an user.  
Our algorithms will silently suggest you the best options that will keep motivating you, suggesting you and inspiring you everyday. 

Technologies used

As our project is still in its idea phase, we are only focused on creating the Database full of useful and uplifting contents. We are networking with professionals to work on cloud computing, graph databases, machine learning, and augmented Data Management.


Our home Bangladesh, being a developing country, cannot support us with enough resources. And as we are just teenagers, our plan is to move with the available resources and technologies which are online. 
We acknowledge this resource crisis as the only problem. 


We are proud of three important achievements of DatourX. 

1. Founding DatourX with this vision of creating a better future.
2. Earning peoples love and cooperation as we are going to work for the 
    betterment of society.
3. Participating in CERN webfest, where we got an opportunity to share our idea 
    and represent our beloved Country.   


We have learned that: "No matter where you are from, and what your qualifications are..If you have an idea that can change the world..You should go for it." 
We are really thankful to the CERN webfest team, because participating in such a event can be life changing for many of us.   

Team DatourX, got an opportunity to talk, discuss and speculate many interesting ideas, that we believe sparked our interest more in the entrepreneurial world. 

Next steps

We will look for guidelines provided by helpful professionals, since we have a lot to learn and experience in the near future. 
We will also welcome anyone in our team if, s/he or an organization is interested to work with us. 

One-minute video