As suggested in our title, Nuclear Energy? Is it a green source of energy ,rather, is it truly a way forward? Well,that’s a question each one should ask themselves, the ones who absolutely believe in the ideology of powering the world with green sources of energy and gradually minimizing the hazardous effects of fossil fuel energy that is accounted for a large proportion of the climate change. Just like any other source of energy ,nuclear energy also bears it own pros and cons .There’s nothing in the world that comes without a risk, it is only up to us, given the choice that we have ,to make the right one and learn from our faults. Given the surge in technology ,pioneering ideas in the field of energy and the digital age upon us what better than to utilize the resources to the fullest only for the better. The question to the world out there is are we entirely harnessing the full potential of the green energy sources? Then why are we still highly dependent on fossil fuel energy? These are questions that we leave you to ponder on.

Technologies used

Canva, Adobe Sketchbook, HTML, Git


Preparing the visualizations, Managing and working in different time zones


Teamwork, getting a good response to our survey, making visualizations, and arranging the whole website.


Teamwork, Nuclear energy and its importance and current status. Time management, Visualizations.

Next steps

Getting a feedback and learning more.