1. You have to work at CERN (student, fellow, staff, user)

2. You have to sign up before July 19.

3. Learn about this years theme here

4. Think about the project you might want to pitch on the kick-off session if you have an idea.  Use the Mattermost chat channels to discuss your ideas

5. Maximum number of people on the team: 7

6. Show up on the kick-off session 21 July

7. Have a short presentation on the work you have done 23 July


Where will the participants work?

Participants will be working in the restaurant 1(building 500), during the folowing day(s).

What tools will the participants use?

Participants can use any of the CERN data-centre technologies and infrastructures. The Webfest encourages all participants to open source anything that is created and built during the Webfest.

Presentations and winners

The event will wrap up on Sunday 23rd July, starting at 16:00, with a judging panel reviewing the results (based on the project presentation) and awarding prizes.

Judging criteria


How innovative the technical solution is
(1 = no innovation, 5 = very innovative)


Creativity on the project presentation 
1 = bad presentation, 5 = great presentation)


Potential impact in a real world application 
(1 = no impact, 5 = great impact)