The ‘Webfest’ — CERN’s annual hackathon based on open web technologies — will take place online for the first time this year. It will be held over the weekend of 27-28 June (with a pitch session on Friday 26 June, and winners announced on Monday 29 June). The event is open to all, meaning that people from anywhere in the world can take part.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘working together apart: accelerating collaboration’Given the global COVID-19 crisis, we are particularly keen to see projects that address the evolving ways in which we work together. Anyone with an idea, a challenge, or other skills is welcome to take part.

Participants will work in teams, focusing on specific ideas to create tools to support the changing ways in which we collaborate to do science. During the course of the Webfest, participants will learn new skills and methods from each other and from experienced mentors. The participants will be able to use and to share those skills and methods in their future professional life.

Take a look at this short tour of the very first Webfest at CERN:

If you have an idea for a project or if you want to contribute to another participant’s project you are interested in, don’t hesitate to register for this year’s Webfest! This is a great opportunity to spend a weekend being creative and social, with a bunch of passionate fellow students and scientists from all over the world. The best projects will be awarded with prizes. The categories for ideas are Facilitating Research, Communicating Science, Data Visualisation, Education, Hardware, Volunteer Computing, Humanitarian and Health. 

Post your ideas and proposals online on our website, and get in touch with other like-minded participants who may want to help you out with the project. You can contribute as a mentor or helper too: http://cern.ch/go/8Qvf.

Join us via the web — born at CERN — to help shape the future scientific collaboration!







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CERN Webfest 2020

26th June - 28th June, 2020 

26th June (Friday) : 17:00 - 19:00 CEST, Pitch Session 
27th June (Saturday) : Full day Hacking Session 
28th June (Sunday) : Full day Hacking Session followed by Final Presentation starting at 18:00 CEST
29th June (Monday) : Winners announced at 17:00 CEST