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In today’s world, physics is boring for most people. But not just physics, pretty much any subject can appear to be interesting or boring depending on how it’s presented. How fascinating could a book full of equations and theoretical content possibly be, right? Humans by nature like challenges, we love the sense of accomplishment we get from working through a challenge and that’s when we learn most. So our goal is to build a platform where particle physics is presented differently. Our platform will allow people of all ages and different backgrounds to learn about particles by facing challenges with different experimental games. Observation affects reality - as physical laws don't control how particles behave, players are the ones who call the shots and observe what happens in some games. In addition, source code for the games developed on our platform will be open to the public. So people will get to learn particle physics and programming at the same time. Besides games, we’re also planning to share interactive infographics and blogs about unsolved problems and mysteries of particle physics that keep physicists awake at night.

Weekend Goals
  • Implement a working prototype of the platform
  • Deploy the first game
  • Publish the first blog post and infographic
Skills being sought
  • Web Development with MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node)
  • Teamwork
  • Interest in particle physics
References and background material

Type of the games we are going to build:  [1]

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