Communicating Science

SciMeet is (technically, will be) a video-call platform that allows scientists and programmers to communicate effectively. The current platforms do not provide a way to share code or scientific equations, they just allow us to write plain and simple text in the chat section, which makes it really hard to collaborate. SciMeet will bring a chat section where users can type in Latex or in Markdown so that they can convey their ideas effectively. This will be beneficial for working professionals as well as for schools and universities and will make online education and collaboration a bit easier.

Weekend Goals

Get the first prototype up and running (more focus on the functionality and less focus on the UI, for now).

Skills being sought
  • Frameworks/libraries - React.js, Node.js, Express.js
  • Backend - MongoDB/Firestore, Firebase
  • Others - Latex, Git, GitHub, Heroku/Vercel